Hello Church!
We look forward to worshiping together this Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Click here to view our live stream.
If you’d like to follow along with the order of service, click here for the bulletin.
To join us in singing, find the hymn texts on our music sheet.
We wish you a blessed and restful Sabbath!

Worship Updates

Especially after spending a few months physically apart this spring, it has been a profound blessing to join together in worship each week—whether in-person, over the radio or on our livestream! Currently we are worshiping in-person with only minimal modifications to our service. However, with schools starting soon, there is some valid concern about the potential increase of community spread of Covid-19. We at First Lutheran are attentive to this possibility, while also greatly valuing the opportunity to worship in each other’s presence. Therefore, we, like the schools, will be taking cues from the state health department and Governor Burgum, as well as our local health officials. Our Church Council has determined that if the risk level indicator maintained at


moves from green to yellow, we will be adopting additional safety precautions for worship.

Out of care for our community, if we move to the yellow risk level, we will begin requiring masks

in our sanctuary and temporarily cease congregational singing.

Any service music will be sung by 1-2 song leaders only. In the event that local conditions worsen quite drastically while the state remains at green, we may choose to make this transition based on other indicators.

For a congregation that loves music as much as we do at FLC, we know this will be a difficult adjustment. However, it is a wise, informed and loving sacrifice that we can make in order to lead our community toward health in an uncertain time. With hope in God’s power to guide us, we pray for a swift and effective vaccine and a return to loudly and confidently proclaiming God’s praise together!

May God’s peace be with you all. And be well.

In Christ,

Pastor Brandy